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01/2011 – Manuel

May 6th. Manuel went back to Guatemala two weeks ago after a successful treatment, he has to be back in December of this year. Sadly the doctor Shiels who was the wonderful doctor that treated him passed away on May the 5th. he did so many amazing kind gestures of love when with us. RIP

January 26, 2015

I got this message from the person, who hosted last time…
Just wanted you to know that Manuel and Sugeydi will be here on Monday, February 2nd to continue Manuel’s treatment. They are going to be staying with a Hispanic family from St. Stephen’s church, that is where I took Manuel and Sugeydi to the Spanish Mass.
Dr. Shiels is going to see him in March as he is all booked for February. I am just happy that he is coming for his continued treatment.

So as of today, June 18th. Manuel and his mom had returned to Guatemala.
Manuel needs to be back in December for his plastic surgery. Many thanks to Maria and Robert Mc Graw for everything they had done for Manuel and his family, God bless you.

So as of today, January 24th. Manuel and his mom have arrived in Ohio. Manuel will be having his surgery tomorrow, Friday the 25th. in the afternoon.
It is amazing to me that all of this started 26 months ago, while vising Guatemala. After a lot of emails, letters and phone calls to many entities, hospitals and doctors it is actually happening!

The success and happy ending of this story is thanks to the help and support of so many amazing people. Angels that are willing to help without getting anything in return, just to help in so many different ways to accomplish a little boys wish.


To Whom It May Concern:Manuel

Hello, my name is Gabriela Hydle and I am a Guatemalan, currently living in California. With the support of friends and family I have been trying to help people in Guatemala, especially children that come from low-income families.

On my last trip to Guatemala, I had the opportunity to meet Manuel Fernando, he is a nine-year-old boy with a facial hemangioma. His mom is a hard worker and as any mother she wants the best for her son; but when you don’t have the income it makes the situation much more difficult.

After meeting with Manuel Fernando and his mom, I wanted to do something to help. She had tried getting help in Guatemala but after paying for testing she was told that there were no specialist’s in Guatemala that could help her son.

I understand that it is a lot to ask but I have brought back a copy of the imagery from the test run on Manuel, which includes a vascular, angio and craneo study of the problem area. The imagery is on a CD and is self contained using Syngo FastView by Siemens. If you feel that you could or would like to help, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Gabriela Hydle

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  1. Maria Cadiz Klemack-McGraw

    I would be delighted to help Manuel. A little over a year ago I was able to help a family from El Salvador with a child that needed surgery and was not able to get it in El Salvador. Once more our Natinwide Children’s Hospital has come forward and I would like to do the same.
    Please advice as to what else you need. With the family that I had from El Salvador, they needed to have a “Sponsor” …. my Lios’s group was able to do it. Who is sponsoring Manuel? . . .

    I am happy to do what I can. Please advice.
    Thank you.


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