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2013 Mexico DF

While I grew up in California I must admit that I experienced very little of Mexico. As a kid we used to travel to Tijuana for a day of shopping and as I grew older Mexico was always on the tips of everyones tongues as a great place to have a good time but all this seems so trivial when compared to what I know now.

Mexico DF is one of the largest cities in the world which can make it pretty intimidating at first but once there, it is easy to get lost among its many differing neighborhoods, each with its own feel and history.

The city and its neighborhoods feel very european with fantastic public transportation, a walk friendly environment and even a public bike system exactly the same as systems we have encountered in Spain and northern Europe. Still, while the feel is somewhat european you know you are in Mexico as you find yourself surrounded by its culture, art and history.

Mexico is packed with it from Spanish colonial architecture, modern designs to ancient pyramids and artifacts. It is easy to get lost among its hundreds of museums or galleries. There are really to many fantastic things to list but I cant stop listing them without mentioning the food! I grew up in California but I have never seen these dishes! Amazing!

After this first trip one thing was abundantly clear. We need more time and look forward to exploring more very soon.

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