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2013 Mexico

This summer was one summer that had a profound impact on my life. I decided to go to Mexico to start my Waldorf training and it was the best decision I could have made. My husband and I took off a few days before so we could enjoy the city before my busy schedule at school started.

After going on many trips and always watching my husband take pictures, this was also the first time that I brought along a new camera that would give me the opportunity to photograph the adventure we were heading in to.

We began by spending a few days in Mexico City where we thoroughly enjoyed the many flavors, colors and sounds of the city. After what seemed like not enough time I had to go to Cuernavaca, to start my three-week intensive training where I met up with an international community of Waldorf teachers from all over the world.

Quickly I was wrapped up in an intensive training schedule where we attended classes from 8am-6pm, followed by studies at night. Still, we always found time to enjoy the city and usually I went out to dinner with some of the other teachers.

I also was able to hear many stories of people trying to bring a Waldorf education into their communities, some of them had the support of their community while others struggled to share this amazing approach with the people in their areas. Two of these groups of people are in the middle of the jungle in Mexico, which make learning a hands on activity! This gave me a better idea of how the Waldorf method is spreading and how we can help by volunteering our time or knowledge.

One of my most memorable adventures was traveling to Puebla Mexico by myself which gave me a chance to see my environment through different eyes. I went as a backpacker and on the path I met a lot of people that were traveling like me. For the first time I felt the connection that I have with every soul out there, in one way or another we all are connected and everything that happens in our life is meant to be.

To read and see more pictures from my husbands perspective click here.

A man shows how you can get a red color from cochinilla, an insect that grows on cactus.

A man shows how you can get a red color from cochinilla, an insect that grows on cactus.


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