August 1, 2014 ghydle

Boxes of donation, 2014

One of the boxes had arrived at “Los niños de Ingrid” this box had cloths for raining season because of the needs of the area and the season, also had some food. As now I am almost done filling two more boxes that I am hoping to ship by November the 8th. so they can be hang for Christmas.

At this time, I just need to reach the money for the shipment that would be $350.00. One of the boxes would go to a hospital in Chiquimula, where one of my friends works as a doctor and they need some toys for the common area or for the kids to play while recovering also has cloths for hot climate. The other box of donations would go to help people in the city and some toys and material for “Los niños de Ingrid”. These are the last two boxes filled with some many wonderful donations, that I will be shipping in a long time.

Thank you for your continued, faithful support!!!

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