August 4, 2011 ahydle

Discovering the Chromebook

As I have been beginning to explore the Chromebook I have started building a list of different commands and thought it may be useful to publish them. I will try to keep this updated as I go.

About Commands

The following will give you a listing of different about: pages that you can get to by typing them in the browser. There seemed to be some good areas for basic networking information, system information and access to experimental features.


To access/enable experimental features type the following into the url bar. These commands may change over time.


Keyboard Shortcuts

There is also a shell that you can access which looks mostly for diagnostics and troubleshooting but it does have SSH.

ctrl + alt + t

In order to enroll a chromebook for use with Google Apps for Enterprise you need to do the following during initial setup BEFORE any users are created (after agreeing to the ToS).

ctrl + alt + e

Displays a keyboard view where you can locate all the key combos.

ctrl + alt + /
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