June 9, 2014 ghydle

Donations from Donne d´OC

Un grazie di cuore a tutte le donne d’ Orange County. E´stata una straordinaria serata con belle donne e molto gentili! Grazie mille!!!!

A heartfelt thanks to all the women from Orange County. It was an extraordinary evening with beautiful, thoughtful and kind women! Thank you very much!

Some of the projects that we discussed was sponsoring some of the children with $15.00 dollars a month. This contribution would be use to complement the expenses of the meals and health care. The donation can be done annually or monthly directly to “Los niños de Ingrid” paypal account.

Thank you for amazing your support. Here’s how we are using your gift already:
$175.00 to shipped a box of donations to “Los niños de Ingrid”
$120.00 to sponsored a little boy.
$120.00 for the shipment of another of the boxes. I got a donation of $20.00, which mean that I just need $35.00 more, and then hopefully I get to ship another of the boxes.

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