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Christmas boxes of donations to support “Los Niños de Ingrid” and other organizations

Thanks to all, we were able to shipped 3 boxes filled with donations. One of them went straight to Ingrid and the other two were given in Hospital Roosevelt, Unicar and the kids that are working for the holidays in the Christmas market and on the street.

“My hands can only reach so far. take my hand and together we can reach so much further.” So many things to be thankful for….Thanks a zillion for sharing your blessings!!!

Here is the story…..
Before showing up in Guatemala for Holy Week we were able to ship two boxes filled with donations of clothes, toys, crayons, and shoes. Then, on the flight over we were able to bring more in our luggage.

One of these boxes was filled and paid for by various families at Highland Hall Waldorf School where I teach Spanish.

During our Spanish class, the children from first to third grade devoted their time to draw cheerful and thoughtful pictures for me to take to Guatemalan and give to the children who were receiving the donations. The children were so excited, they wrote their names and were asking me about the children in Guatemala. Some of the boys specifically asked me to give their card to a boy and some of the girls did as well.

When we showed up in Guatemala, the boxes were already there and we had to sort through the things, separating them by gender and age. From here we put broke up the piles into smaller bags suitable for distributing and then came the hardest part, deciding where to take the donations. It seems like every time we go to Guatemala we get to learn and connect with somebody that teaches us the real meaning of giving with all your heart without expecting anything back, besides a smile and the satisfaction of changing somebody destiny.

This trip, we were very blessed to meet Ingrid Morataya and her story inspired us to keep working hard to help her and her children.

Ingrid is in charge of the center La Tierra Abierta “Los Niños de Ingrid” 26 years ago. It is a center in an area of extreme poverty that helps educate, feed and rescue children, keeping them from falling into the wrong situations.

Most of the children are from single mothers or parents that work multiple jobs and don´t have anyone to watch over their child. They have sixty children in total, ranging from one to six years old with eight people working for the center. Two in the kitchen, two working as babysitters, one teacher and one person in charge of the center.

The center was founded in 1976 as a communal dining room, established to feed children. It was established with the help of a group of French teachers in order to meet the needs of children in Senahu Jewel Quarter zone 6, a place that is located in the bottom of a ravine, built after an earthquake that shook Guatemala in 1976.

From the beginning until 1987, the center functioned solely as a communal dining room, until the arrival of the new director Ingrid Morataya, who is an early childhood teacher.

Upon her arrival she felt the need to turn the dining room into an educational center and after sharing her vision with the organization SOSEP the communal dining room was converted, offering meals and education to the children of the area while trying to instill ethical and moral values in the children.

Since 1987, SOSEP has been the entity responsible for the economical support of the center but sadly they are not able to support the center anymore. Ingrid has been looking for new sponsors but so far she has not found any and is struggling to keep the center open.

She is currently needing help with any monetary support or donations of food but of course a sponsor would be more than welcome.

It has been a difficult journey for Ingrid and the center the last few years but for her, giving up is not an option and we only hope we can help by sharing her story.

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