May 7, 2015 ghydle

Make a wish

In January which is the beginning of the school year in Guatemala. Every year the children get a long list of school supplies, many times the parents can´t afford to buy them so the kids don´t get to go to school. Certainly this situation puts in danger their future…they either start to work on the streets or join a gang. Thankfully to a group of wonderful women this year we were able to pay for the school supply of one girl that really wanted to finish what in Guatemala would e 9th grade, her name is Lesly Gabriela, she is 15 years old. They live close to a garbage dump and her and her other 2 sisters help her mom washing people cloths by hand, by doing this their hands get all damage because of the soap and clorox. We also were able to help another sweet girl with her uniform. She is orphan, her parents died because of drugs. Also we are helping two children in the school, one of them is Isaías Pérez he is the youngest of four brothers, his mom raised them by herself she works by cleaning houses that in Guatemala, her payment has to be around $200.00 a month. Isaías was born on November the 2nd. of 2,011. Before coming to the school his young brother would take care of him.
My husband & I sponsored a little girl, her name is Dulce Esmeralda Jiménez, she was born on December the 21st. of 2,011. She has 5 siblings and she takes care of her little brother and her sister a year older takes care of her…. They live in a really extremely poverty and if they would be coming to the school to eat they would be suffering of malnutrition.

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