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Tikal, Aguateca and Yaxha, Guatemala

Over eight years ago on my first trip to Guatemala my wife and I visited Tikal on a whirlwind, one week trip. The experience was amazing but since it was only a one week trip we only had a single day to explore so ever since I have been wanting to return.

This year we finally decided it was time and this time we set aside a full week to stay in Peten and explore. We started off spending a few days within Tikal but what I really liked was exploring some of the less visited ruins of Aguateca and Yaxha.

Aguateca, was a bit of an adventure. First we had to drive about an hour and then take a boat for another hour followed by a nice hike in the jungle. Lasero, our guide and boat captain was amazing and the trip was fantastic! Best of all, no tourists!

While Aguateca was a bit of an adventure, Yaxha was relatively easy to get to, the ruins were amazing and the park was well maintained. Also, once again there were no tourists! If you are planning a trip I would say Yaxha is not to be missed as it is only one hour outside of Flores.

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  1. Enjoy! Visited Tikal a few years back and it was an awesome excreienpe! If you have time, you should check out Lago Atitlan as well… supposed to be the world’s prettiest lake, though it is an overnight bus ride from Tikal (well, or a short plane ride if you want to spend the $200).

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