May 14, 2015 ghydle

Piel a Piel, borrando huellas

Hello everyone, here is the information of a different organization that we are trying to help this time. Piel a Piel, borrando huellas is the only organization with an team of specialized doctors, nurses and psychologist in all Guatemala that can treat children or adult that had been burnt.

Every year there are 50 thousand cases of people burnt in Guatemala. The majority of this unfortunate situation happens in low-income families, since newborns until around 14 years old. Only a few of them get the help needed, because there are not hospitals of the resources as well as trained people.

Some of these sad stories goes from moms who need to go to work and leave the babies in charge of their siblings, children labor, like making firecrackers, adults not being careful consequently injuries resulting from hot liquids, occurring most commonly in children aged 0-4 years. Some of these people live so far away to get assistant and when they do they need physical and psychological support.

They mostly need toys to support and help them in their treatments. Our contact there was telling me that they need these kind of dolls, better if the child can identify with them. Regarding the skin color and looks. We would also appreciated your help with cloth because, when they are ready to go home they don´t have cloths.

You can see the wonderful work they do in their page in Facebook, Piel a Piel, borrando huellas

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