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Regalos de corazón para Navidad, 7th. graders project at Highland Hall Waldorf School

After hearing about the recent earthquake in Guatemala the seventh graders at Highland Hall Waldorf School, along with their lead teacher Ms. Ashby wanted to do something to help the earthquake victims. After some discussion, we thought it would be a great idea to let the students gather donations and hold a bake sale in order to ship a box.

To begin, my husband and I spoke with the children´s parents and shared some of our stories from the past several years. We explained how much this experience has changed us, the people who have contributed and the people that we have been able to help. By sending donations this way, we believe it leads to a personal connection between the person giving and the person receiving. We explained how in the past children were really interested in seeing where their donations went and the sense of pride they had when they saw the pictures of their donations being handed out.

So it began. On November the 21st, the students had their first bake sale raising almost enough money to ship a box. The next bake sale is scheduled for December the 1st at the Winter Fair and I am confident we will raise enough to send the students box!

Along with the seventh graders we have seen a wealth of support. The second graders donated jackets that were gathered for Saint Martimas Coat Drive, the school and parents have also helped contribute donations and of course I must thank the parents and students for baking such wonderful treats for the bake sales.

We look forward to the final packing of the box at the school and are planning on having the box arrive in Guatemala in time for Christmas.

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