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Vamos a Baja – Tijuana

Life has shown my wife and I that it is better to see for yourself than to judge based upon someone elses opinion and to have your own experiences you must create them. This is one of the fundamental things we enjoy so much about traveling. Every new place is a new experience and a better understanding of our world.

This time we decided to experience Tijuana, Mexico. We had been hearing a lot of great things about the gastronomic and wine scene in Tijuana and had met a few people who used to live there. Everyone we spoke to from Tijuana was enamored with it and we knew we had to go.

My wife and I rarely take tours when we travel but the tours by Turista Libre looked to fun to pass up. Turista Libre was taking people out for Lucha Libre fights, market crawl’s, street art tours and weekends in the wine country! So, we contacted Turista Libre and decided to meet that following weekend.

Our trip was a little more low key as my wife was looking for a destination to take her Spanish class to experience Latin American culture but Turista Libre and Tijuana did not disappoint!

We started our day with a fantastic cup of coffee at a little sidewalk cafe and then began our exploration of the city. Turista Libre took us to see the markets, museums, sculptures, the beach and of course there were the restaurants and bars! It was a fantastic and whirlwind trip for only being one day and we would have never found all of these locations without a great guide!

Now, after this one short trip there is one thing for certain. We will be back!

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